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About Chicago Marathi Vidyamandir

Under the auspices of Maharashtra Mandal Chicago and with the patronage of Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal (BMM) of North America, “Chicago Marathi Vidya Mandir” project is initiated for introducing our next generation to the rich heritage of Marathi language, the mother tongue of our community.


The main objective is empowering our kids with the knowledge and understanding of Marathi so they can read and write in Marathi. Learning Marathi will help them to connect with multiple generations. The kids will be able to communicate more effectively with their friends, parents and grand-parents. 


The children will also get an exposure to Marathi Culture by learning about and celebrating different festivals and events at the school.  This will help them to understand rich Indian Culture, traditions and enjoy literature to enrich their personalities. Without the language barriers their trips to India will be more enjoyable. 


The students will get an opportunity to showcase their newly acquired talent by participating in social and cultural gathering programs at school and at the events or programs presented by Maharashtra Mandal Chicago and BMM. 


Marathi Shala currently operates at two locations in the Chicagoland area, Naperville and Schaumburg.


Key notes:

  • Marathi Shala is an activity of Maharashtra Mandal Chicago, a non-profit organization in Illinois.

  • BMM provides curriculum for all Marathi Shalas under the BMM umbrella and the program also partners with Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune for examinations and evaluation of students.

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth has done extensive research keeping in mind the needs of NRI children while setting up the syllabus

  • Age: 5 and up (recommended) 

  • There are 5 levels of Marathi Study (Basic, Intermediate to Advance)

  • A student could take an exam if he/she is ready to go to the next level (This exam is optional. The exam fee will be as decided by the board.)

  • Overall emphasis: 60% Oral communication & 40% Reading-Writing (each level has certain expectations)

  • Other activities: Shloka Chanting, Marathi poem recital, drawing/painting, handicrafts, etc.

  • Duration: One and half hours - once a week

  • Semesters: Fall (September-December) & Spring (January-May)

Marathi Shala Co-ordinator: 

Mrs. Vaidehi Deshpande 

Phone: (309) 532-4602 

(Mrs. Sulakshana Kulkarni - Transitioning by end of year 2022)

Phone: (301) 605-2593

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